The Blazinstaff Kids The Blazinstaff Kids The Blazinstaff Kids What a fantastic litter xxxx 86557837 Blazinstaff Light my Fire Stanley lives in London with us - CFUFTS qualified 2011, Manchester ch show 1st mp. EASBT open 1st puppy, Best puppy, Best opp sex puppy. SCSBT limit 1st puppy, 2nd jnr, Res Best dog, Best puppy dog, Best opp sex puppy. Woolwich open 1st puppy, 1st jnr, BOB, Best puppy in breed, Terrier group 1, terrier puppy group. Notts & Derby Limit 1st uppy, 2nd jnr, Res best dog, Best puppy, Best puppy in show. Nat Terrier ch show 1st puppy. EMSBT open, 1st puppy, Best puppy dog, Best puppy in show. WELKS ch show 1st puppy, Best puppy in breed. Chelmsford open 1st jnr, BOB, Best puppy in breed. Nat dog ch show Res Grad. Redditch open 1st jnr, 1st Pgrad, 1st open, Best dog, BOB, Terrier gp 1, Res Best in show. EASBT ch show Res Grad. Southern Counties ch show Res Jnr. Downlands open 2nd jnr. Three Counties ch show 1st grad, Res Best dog. 86820666 Blazinstaff Sacrifice Little Leo lives with George in London and is Stan's best friend - Romford open Res puppy. Woolwich open Res puppy. Chelmsford open 2nd jnr. Nat dog ch show VHC Jnr, 3rd Novice. Downlands open 3rd jnr, 2nd novice. SBT Club Open 1st Maiden, 1st Novice. Kingston Open 1st Junior, 1st Grad, 3rd Open. East Midlands Open 1st Grad, 1st Open, Best of breed, 3rd Terrier group. 86821109 Blazinstaff Forever Flame Fusion lives at home with Emma in Scotland - CFUFTS qualified 2011, North East ch show 1st puppy. CRUFTS 2010 1st puppy & Best puppy in breed. North of Scotland limit show Best puppy in show. Northern Ireland ch show Best puppy bitch. Morcambay and Cumbria ch show best puppy bitch. Scottish sbtc open 1st open show. Dundee open show BOB, Terrier Group 1. 86558382 Blazinstaff Flame Reaction Emily lives with her dad Big Ronnie - Lincoln open 2nd puppy. Luton open 3rd puppy. 86559606 Blazinstaff Defiance Blade lives at home with Emma in Scotland - CFUFTS qualified 2011, North Eastern ch show 1st puppy, Best puppy dog. Champ show reserve best puppy. CRUFTS 2010 2nd puppy. SKC ch show 1st puppy. North of Scotland Limit show 1st junior. Morcambe Bay & Cumbria ch show 1st jnr. 86557838 Blazinstaff Blazin Justice Big Leo lives with Jackie - CRUFTS qualified 2011. Scottish sbt open show -Best in show. Northern Ireland isbtc ch show 1st puppy. Bath ch show 1st jnr, 1st novice. Morcambay and Cumbria ch show 1st Jnr. Potteries 1st Junior, 1st Grad, RCC.. 86558930 Blazinstaff Trailblazer Joey lives in Ireland - Cork SBT society 2nd Jnr & Res green star dog. 87017727